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State Security and Investigations Services Inc. (SSIS) is a licensed Private Security & Investigations Agency incorporated in 2007. We are authorized to operate in various vertical markets and locations across the United States. SSIS provides Armed and Unarmed Security Officers and Private Investigations professionals to assist our clients with surveillance, asset preservation along many layers of Physical and Information Security. SSIS takes a hospitality service approach to each and every client, big or small, with ideal customer service expected from each officer, Manager all the way to the President of SSIS.

SSIS is committed to quality over quantity always and we believe that every challenge has a solution. We pride ourselves on not only being able to handle a task, but on how to effectively deliver exceptional results that our clients may not expect. We are innovative and aggressive in our attempts to obtain the goals we have defined, in our pursuit of incorporating the industry’s best practices into all of our security solutions.

We are NOT simply a security firm that just provides bodies or guards. We are a holistic and integrated Risk Management based organization. So whether it be Physical, Information or Technology rooted security, WE deliver results because of our SSIS experience, training, and industry research. We do it with transparency and professionalism not common amongst our competitors. We are your trusted resource.

Your Solution is Our Goal.